Oximeter Family

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REMstar Pro2 with C-Flex   920/920M Hand-Held Oximeter
This family of small, easy to use hand-held units delivers on-the-spot oximetry readings; perfect for home use. The 920M stores up to 18 hours of trend memory.
920M Plus Hand-Held Oximeter with Memory   920M Plus Hand-Held Oximeter with Memory
The 920M Plus handheld pulse oximeter provides on-the-spot oximetry readings, and is designed to be easy to use for both healthcare professionals and patients. It features a bigger display, better performance and a 72-hour memory. The soft, rubberized cover slides away for easy access to batteries, and may be used with a wide variety of finger and ear sensors for adult, infant and neonatal patients.
WristOx Ambulatory Digital Pulse Oximeter   WristOx Ambulatory Digital Pulse Oximeter
The WristOx is a small, lightweight pulse oximeter designed to sit comfortably on the patient's wrist. The compact design makes it ideal for monitoring daily activities and for overnight studies while giving the patient greater freedom to perform daily tasks, even exercise.
GO2   GO2 personal finger pulse oximeter
GO2 is an accurate, affordable, and durable personal finger pulse oximeter that monitors oxygen saturation and heart rate. GO2 delivers accuracy comparable to professional oximeters, and features a patient-oriented, easy-to-read display. It is manufactured in North America and backed by Philips Respironics service and warranty support. GO2 uses one AAA battery for approximately 2,400 spot checks.

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